What We Race
DragonFlite 95 - One Design
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The DragonFlite 95 is a Restricted One Design boat that is meant to compete within a strict set of rules to ensure a true test of a skipper's ability to tune their boat and race it well. Additionally, this 950mm boat is of high quality for a modest price. The DF95 is sold ready to race which includes transmitter and receiver, just add AA batteries. For those already in the hobby, a boat without transmitter and receiver can be purchased. The DF95 comes with a carbon fiber keel, Mylar sails, and a one piece carbon mast, all cutting edge components. It can be on the water in a few hours and assembled by a person with no experience building boats.
DragonForce 65 - One Design
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The DragonForce 65 is the fastest growing class of RC sailboats in the U.S. The boat has earned this distinction by being a great one-design sailing boat while being the least expensive ready-to-sail boat on the market. At around $300 for a boat with radio and receiver and about 2 hours of assembly and you're on the water.

The boat has fleets at nearly 150 clubs around the country. The clubs range from well-established AMYA clubs, full sized boat yacht clubs, school sailing teams to community association clubs. Within these clubs the boat is sailed from beginners to national champion skippers from many other classes.

An added benefit of the boat is the well-supplied and dedicated national distributor that provides excellent access to boats, parts and accessories allowed by the class rules.
Victoria - One Design
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The Victoria One Design is a simple, affordable, sailboat manufactured by the Thunder Tiger Model Company, and distributed world wide. The kit's low cost (about $150 for the kit, $250 to perhaps $400 ready to race), ease of assembly, and good sailing characteristics make it a great first yacht, while remaining fun to sail and race for old hands as well. It is easy to transport, fully rigged, in the smallest of cars. The emphasis of the Victoria is on SIMPLICITY and FUN, and to these ends check out the Victoria Class Information Center for the latest building, tuning, and sailing tips, along with other interesting and useful information about the boat.

The boat itself is made of ABS plastic, and is quite durable, capable of surviving virtually any mishap or collision. The kit also includes high quality aluminum spars, sails, and all necessary fittings. All you need to do is add a two-channel radio, two servos and you're ready to sail. Construction is generally a weekend project. The ease of assembly also makes the Victoria a great "club" boat, as new skippers can buy a boat and join the racing with a minimum of trouble and expense. Many clubs conduct "Silver Fleet" racing consisting of boats made entirely from all kit parts.